Discussion and Social Groups

Caisteal Dhuni
The purpose of this group is to learn and to advance ALL things Outlander - Diana Gabaldon, the existing books, MOBY, the Starz series and its cast - using social media platforms, starting with Twitter.

Facebook home for the Caitriots group. Fan group for Caitriona Balfe.

Compuserve Books and Writer's Community
Yes, it says Compuserve. Diana has been hanging out and chatting here since before she wrote her first book and still posts here most days. There is a whole section devoted to her works and it is a very active group. It is also easy to get sucked in and lose months of time reading fascinating old posts. Also, be aware that most in the group have read all of the Outlander books and so you will encounter spoilers if you have not. You've been warned.

Goodreads Outlander Discussion group

Heughan's Heughligans Facebook Group
Facebook group for the Heughligans- fans of Sam Heughan.

Influential Outlanders Facebook Forum
Never underestimate the power of a fan base. As Influential Outlanders, we will work together to be a positive influence on fan events, be a place for news about Outlander (on Starz), Diana Gabaldon's books, all things Scotland.

Jamie and Claire Lovers Forum
A messageboard devoted to Jamie and Claire but we also have Outlander TV news and will be having weekly episode discussions when the show starts.

Ladies of Lallybroch
The first Outlander fan group in existence since 1997.

Outlander Book Club

Outlander Candor
A Facebook group which promotes open, candid and respectful discussion of all things Outlander, both the Starz series and the books.

Outlander Fans Salon
A space to have more in-depth discussions and debates about real-world topics, meeting in a virtual Scottish Castle Library, where women and men can discuss topics with respect towards one another.

Outlander Love
A community of Outlander lovers, dedicated to sharing our triumphs, tragedies, laughter, challenges, and interests.

Outlander Series Facebook Group
A large open group for discussing all things Outlander.

Outlander Sisterhood
A small group for discussing all things Outlander.

SamCat Nation
A community dedicated to Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe.....also known as SamCat. Because we respect these two immensely we will keep the personal speculations to a minimum.

Sassenach Swappers
I started a FB group for those looking to make "real world" connections with other Outlander fans. We do that by hosting swaps of things like cards, books, crafts and gift packages all with an Outlander theme. Some of the swaps are round-robin style, others are more of a straight forward kind of exchange.

Thru The Stones - Quad Cities
This Facebook page is about the convention to be held on December 6, 2014 in Davenport, Iowa. The name of the convention is Thru The Stones - Quad Cities. Diana Gabaladon will be attending and the entire day will we devoted all things Outlander and will include classes, seminars, speakers, and demonstrations.