Outlander Fans Sharing Other Links

One of the wonderful things about this series is that it has brought so many people together, sharing and forming friendships both in person and across a wide variety of online locations. Some of the information is not directly Outlander-related, but seemed to need a solid home anyway so that it could get a wider audience and be easier to find later, so that is what these pages are for.

In an attempt to reduce spam, and try to keep this as just a sharing place for fans, you must create and verify your account to suggest a link. I reserve the right to not post anything I do not like for any reason or to edit the wording and language of the posts.


Since we have a long time to wait between Outlander books, many of us find ourselves looking for other books to entertain us in the meantime. Who better to get recommendations from than other people who like the same books we do?


Outlander fans are an impressive lot and many of them have their own businesses doing fun and interesting things.


On the charities tab, I've linked to charities chosen by Outlander groups and people associated with the the Outlander production. But so many other great charities have also been shared by fans and this is a place to see and possibly contribute to other projects close to the hearts of your fellow fans.