Outlander actors

Production People

Everyone working on Outlander behind the cameras

Twitter List

Àdhamh Ó Broin's Twitter feed.
Outlander Gaelic Dialect Consultant & Tutor.

Alana McGaughey's Twitter
Director of Publicity for Starz

Allie Ingalls
She does digital marketing for Starz.

Andrew Finnie's Twitter
Unit driver on Outlander

Anne Kenney's Twitter Feed
One of the Outlander script writers.

Bear McCreary's Twitter feed
Bear McCreary is composing the music for Outlander. He's done a lot of other cool stuff and provides some fascinating insights into the process.

Bryan Larkin's Twitter
He is playing Geordie.

Caitriona Balfe's Twitter Feed
Plays Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser.

Chris Parnell's Twitter
He is Senior Vice President at Sony Pictures and is working on Outlander among other things.

David Stewart's Twitter
Unit driver on Outlander.

Ginger Jasper
Ginger Jasper is an account set up for the adorable dog of someone (not sure who) who works on the Outlander set. Often provides entertaining pictures and behind-the-scenes commentary.

Graham McTavish Twitter
Plays Dougal MacKenzie. Also played Dwalin in The Hobbit. Very active and friendly on Twitter.

Grant O'Rourke's twitter
He plays Rupert MacKenzie and his twitter feed is quite entertaining.

James Fleet Twitter
Plays Reverend Wakefield

Jon Gary Steele's Twitter
Production Designer for Outlander

Jordan Milliken's Twitter
Sound Assistant for Outlander.

Lotte Verbeek
Plays Geillis Duncan.

Maril Davis personal Twitter feed
Maril Davis is co-producer of Outlander with Ron Moore.This is her personal twitter feed. Go ducks!

Maril Davis Twitter feed
Maril Davis is co-producer of Outlander with Ron Moore. Tall Ship Productions is the name of the production company working on Outlander. This is the official twitter feed.

Matt Robert's Twitter Feed
Not only one of the Outlander script writers, but also provides gorgeous pictures every day. Sometimes having to do with the shooting, sometimes not, but always gorgeous. He's also the one who introduced Terry and Maril to Outlander and they got Ron hooked. So we love him extra for that. :)

Official Outlander Starz Twitter
News and links come out here pretty quickly.

Outlander Writers' Room Twitter feed
The Official Twitter Page of the Outlander Writers' Room.

Peter Bev
Outlander Driver.

Richard Clark's Twitter feed
Richard Clark is one of the Outlander directors.

Ron Moore's Twitter
Ron and Maril are co-producers on Outlander. He is also one of the writers and married to Terry, who is heading up costuming for the show.

Sam Heughan Twitter Feed
Plays James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser aka Jamie aka (a whole bunch of other things). But you probably knew that already.

Sam reading Burns poetry
A brief clip of Sam reading a Burns poem.

Sony Pictures Official Feed

Starz PR
Includes PR links for Outlander and other Starz projects, like Black Sails.

Terry Moore's Twitter feed
Costume director for Outlander. Also goes by Terry Fanning. Wife of Ron Moore. She is very active on Twitter and has great conversations about costumes, as well as, other things.