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A Love Letter to Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander

    Date: Feb 12, 2014

Diana Gabaldon
Diana Gabaldon's Official Site

Fandom Obsessed
Blogs and info about Outlander.

French language Outlander blog.

Great Scot Blog
An Outlandish Gaelic Glossary

Heughligans Facebook Page
Check out this page to find out what's happening now in Outlander fandom.

Heughligans Youth Theatre Donation page
Heughligans Supporting Youth Theatre Arts Scotland Sam Heughan has joined Youth Theatre Arts Scotland (YTAS) as Patron. “Going to a youth theatre was a crucial first step at the start of my career. It was a safe, welcoming environment where I met like-minded students and inspiring leaders. It introduced me to the skills needed (which I still use today) and I worked alongside professionals. Youth theatre organisations are a fundamental part of helping young people become successful in the acting industry.” YTAS plays a vital part in producing Scotland’s artists and audiences of tomorrow, and also gives young people an accessible form of social, creative and cultural development. Located in Edinburgh, YTAS provides youth theatre organisations and freelance practitioners with opportunities that develop professional expertise, showcase talent and strengthen sector alliances. Their membership scheme represents over 100 youth theatre organisations and freelance practitioners across Scotland.

Ladies of Lallybroch
The first Outlander fan group in existence since 1997.

My Outlander Purgatory
Popular Outlander blog that's been around since 2009. They post frequent video commentaries and also host weekly chats.

Outlander Addiction
A fan-based community website and blog of all things related to Diana Gabaldon's Outlander book series, and upcoming STARZ television series.

Outlander Addiction - Facebook Page
Outlander Addiction is fan-based community website and blog of all things related to Diana Gabaldon's Outlander book series, and upcoming Starz television series.

Outlander Adventures
An Outlander inspired unfortunate adventure in 18th century experimental archeology with recipes, patterns, and pointers so you can try living like Jamie and Claire too.

Outlander Community Site
A live feed created by Starz of content from a variety of Outlander-related groups and blogs and twitter accounts. This is also where to go to view the #whereisclaire trailer. The trailer is only viewable in the US, but International fans can view it here:

A slow motion version has also been posted here:
Source: Starz     Date: May 2, 2014

Outlander Fan
Entertaining, original insights into the world of Outlander.

Outlander Fan Site
News, updates, announcements, trailers, and spoilers for Starz's Outlander adaptation.

Outlander Fangirl
Outlander themed comics about what it is like being an Outlander fangirl.

Outlander Fans
Outlander fan page for the books & upcoming tv series by Ron Moore. (Also the official FB Page for our Outlander fan group Outlander Series)

Outlander Germany Facebook Page

Outlander Kitchen
Books and Food- how can you go wrong? Recipes for dishes inspired by the Outlander books. She not only includes the recipes, but also the relevant passages from the books.

Outlander Life
Outlander Life is a website dedicated to bringing you the latest news surrounding the beloved Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon and upcoming STARZ TV series. Has Outlander taken over your life? Then this is where you belong!

Outlander Lists
A website of lists created from Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series of books. This is an ongoing ambitious project seeking to create a reference for a lot of the Outlander details.

Outlander Musings
A blog for Outlander lovers

Outlander Podcast
Weekly audio podcast with news recap and chapter readalong of Outlander.

Outlander Roundup
Compilation of Outlander fun and news bits from around the web with entertaining commentary.

Outlander TV News
Don't worry if you can't spend all your time checking social media sites to find all the latest tidbits. Outlander TV news gathers everything important together so you can catch up quickly.

Outlander Unedited
New blog examining relationships in the Outlander series.

Outlander Virgin
Documenting my first foray into Outlander by Diana Gabaldon ... what is sure to be a wholesome, easy read ... here and on twitter: @outlandervirgin Hilarious commentary. Highly recommended.

Outlander Wiki
The Outlander Wiki is a community-based fan site and a collaborative effort to document everything related to the Outlander novel series by Diana Gabaldon, as well as the upcoming Outlander television series from Starz. We strive to have detailed information about all the books, characters, episodes, actors, and more.

Outlandish Observations
Providing detailed, interesting articles on all aspects of Outlander since 2008. Also home of the very interesting Friday Fun Facts which give more details on so many different aspects of the Outlander books.

Connecting men with Outlander and the series. Whisky, swords, guns, hunting, what's not to like? Men - pick up the books and read!

Pocket Jamie Facebook Group
A group dedicated to Pocket Jamie.

Reading Cover to Cover
Spirit and clan songs for the fans as well as some other fun tidbits like a drinking game.

Ron Moore podcasts by episodes
Wonderful podcasts that sync with the shows in which Ron and sometimes Terry talk about all sorts of fascinating behind-the-scenes details and decisions.

That's Normal
That’s Normal is: A place where not normal obsessions over pop culture become normal. We are adults who have found a way to lead obsessive lives online, yet to the outsider look as “normal” as anyone else (Well, anyone else who has Sam Heughan's tweets on text alert and a Jamie Fraser cutout in their room!)

The Gospel of Outlander
A comedic glimpse into the world of Outlander

The Outlander Plant Guide
Full of lots of interesting information about the various important plants in Outlander.

Three If By Space - Outlander Coverage
Outlander TV series coverage on sci-fi/fantasy TV & movie review website. Articles include recaps of Twitter Q&As and Outlander news, personal Outlander articles.

Through the Stones
Terry Dresbach Moore, head of costuming for Outlander, has started a blog. Not specifically Outlander-related, but very interesting.

Thru The Stones - Quad Cities
This Facebook page is about the convention to be held on December 6, 2014 in Davenport, Iowa. The name of the convention is Thru The Stones - Quad Cities. Diana Gabaladon will be attending and the entire day will we devoted all things Outlander and will include classes, seminars, speakers, and demonstrations.

Wee Jamie
Fan page

Why I Think Diana Gabaldon May Be the Coolest Woman on the Planet
A fan's sincere appreciation for Diana Gabaldon as an author and a person.